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Rising Technologies, your trusted BPO partner and service provider for best in class Data Entry Services. Whether you have tens of records or a few million records to digitize and manually enter, Rising Technologies offers you excellent professional services and support, with its accurate data entry services.

Offline Data Entry

Offline data entry is a method by which this can be done. In order to improve and enhance their business efficiency, companies can either carry out non-core tasks such as offline data entry themselves or outsource it to an experienced data entry service provider, so that they can focus on their primary business goals. In-house offline data entry can be time consuming as well as require additional investment of staff, infrastructure, and resources.

Certain industry sectors are particularly burdened by the amount of back office processes they have to deal with such as billing, accounting, purchasing, invoicing, and procurement. This ends up producing sizeable amount of documents in the form of bills, receipts, invoices, and others. The data from these documents has to be captured, collated, and organized in a way, which enables their effective usage.

Online Data Entry

As data management is vital to successful business operation, it is important that organizations find an effective way to manage their online data entry projects. In-house data entry projects may appear to be the way out; in fact, there are more hassles than advantages obtained by carrying out online data entry themselves. These include dedicated investment of time, cost, resources and hiring of specialized labor and technology, which can be really draining on an organization. This will affect the business productivity in the long run.

Accurate data entry is the foundation of efficient and successful data management and is the pre-requisite for possessing high quality business data. Inefficient and outdated methods of data entry can lead to accumulation of mistakes and errors, which can lead to wrong business data and decision-making.

Copy Paste Services

Copy paste data entry is an essential task for many businesses, educational institutions and university students around the world. Critical data such as email Ids, addresses and phone numbers often reside on documents and reports and it is vital for this information to be stored effectively. Copy paste services from Rising Technologies ensure a quick, error free and cost-effective method for copying and pasting this important information.

Other back office work

Document Data Entry, Document Management, Electronic Document Management, Directory, Invoice and Billing Data Entry Processing, Product Data Entry, Application Forms Data Entry

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